Professor M. Scrye’s Closet of Curiosities: 

One of Chris' secret obsessions has been collecting strange objects and artifacts. He has assembled some of these strange things into a form of a traveling museum, combined them with magical effects and a story of the carnival entertainers of days gone by, to bring you Professor M. Scrye's Closet of Curiosities. Items from the closet may be set up in an area simply to be "on exhibit" for the evening. Single items may be brought out for exhibition and viewing in a manner to generate curiosity and conversation.

For the complete "tent experience," book a full show for a combination of magic and exhibits from the bally to the blow-off, and take a step back into the history of carnivals and side shows of days gone by.

Chris can appear either as a speaker on the topic, or in costume and character to present the Closet of Curiosities.


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